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graduate of southwest texas state teaches college. and he said johnson would always laugh loudly at that. too loudly. and i didn't really understand what lyndon johnson's education, the effect that it had on him, until i went down to the college, found the textbooks that they used, and i said gee, do you like textbooks that you would use in high school in new york. that was his college education. i found a friend of his, joe barry, who later became a professor at bryn mawr, he said, you know, when i got to bryn mawr i realized i couldn't talk to anybody about anything. i felt i had been cheated out of an education. so that's part of lyndon johnson's upbringing. but it also showed me living there just how remarkable were his unique abilities to use the powers of government to improve the lives. while i was interviewing in the hill country, i came to realize that i was hearing the same thing over and over. they would tell me these stories about johnson ruthlessness and his cruelty, often just cruelty for the sake of being cruel. but then i would hear over and over they would say no matter
. >> reporter: you are watching a drug smuggler trying to get away from police in south texas. the suv is loaded with what police believe is thousands of pounds of marijuana. >> bam, we have a splash down in the river. the driver with nowhere to go splashes into the riogrande. in a desperate attempt to get back to mexico. it is a scene that is repeated day and night along the border. >> splash down. >> and even though the smugglers are sometimes followed by a state police helicopter and dozens of officers on the ground, if they make it to the river, they can make their escape with waiting accomplices who use boats to hall drugs back to mexico. >> we're done here, there is nothing else we can do. all police on the u.s. side can do is watch them paddle away. but now, texas state troopers are taking to the water with a fleet of six 34-foot armored gun boats with automatic whips. >> lieutenant charlie goble says this is needed. >> they are automatic machine guns. that will stop at nothing to move their product. they will stop at nothing to move their poison into the united states. >> he recognizes t
out and bring significant amount of rain to eastern parts of texas as well in towards the tennessee valley and mid-atlantic states. a lot of moisture moving in towards the southeast. it will be a bit gloomy but means that temperatures are really dropping down. look at monday's temperatures. 86 in minneapolis. around the 80's in the great lakes. still a little bit above average but much improved where we've been in the last 30 days. a big pattern shift that will make everybody very, very happy. >> shannon: a welcomed one. thanks very much. >> you bet. >> shannon: a north carolina teen has been in a coma for more than a year and now the hospital is fighting his father to determine who will make his medical decisions. is the hospital overstepping its bounds or doing its duty for a patient? we'll have a fair and balanced debate. the navy turns to biofuel to fuel its green fleet. we'll tell you why next. [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice. take advil, and maybe have to take up to four in a day. or take aleve, which
, primarily in texas and louisiana. and the monument behind me is a monument to the soldiers of the 62nd and 65th united states colored infantry. in fact, in january of 1866, the war was over, the soldiers of the 62nd were about to be mustered out at fort mcintosh, texas, and began talking around a campfire, how can we pass this legacy of learning onto the freed men back in missouri? and they began to talk about raising money. they pledged money. they gave money. and it was an extraordinary sacrifice. some of these soldiers, privates in the united states colored infantry, were earning as little as a $113 a year. some of them gave $100, almost a year's wages, to start this institute. they gave their money and their pledges to a second lieutenant, named richard baxter foster, who was a congregationalist minister educated at dartmouth. i don't know he'd ever been in missouri. in the summer of 1866 when it began to appear that lincoln institute might be established in jefferson city, a local newspaper ran an editorial opposing that move and expressed the fear that if jefferson city became th
and we cannot always beat texas. you can go to arizona and do your work out of there. a lot of people still move to silicon valley because of the synergy of so many bright people. if you can get the right people, get that cleaned up so we can bring smart people here and keep them here, we will keep adopting the game. [applause] >> governor hickenlooper, this is your chance. you have here a room full of silicon valley executives. what do you say to them to get them to expand or move to colorado? >> can governor brown leave the room for a minute? >> i am a great believer that luring companies from one state to the other does not help the country. i think it is a race to the bottom. as the governor would say. it is useful for us to be as relentlessly pro-business as we can. we're very focused on education and we want to be the no. 1 state for solving this riddle that this country has become from being the no. 1 public education nation to one in the bottom half. we know the things -- at risk kids are coming from difficult neighborhoods and often broken families, they need a longer school
. one woman was struck by lightning and is in critical condition. two workers were killed in texas when powerful winds toppled a construction crane at the university of texas campus. >> in colorado, firefighters have had their hands full bat line wild fires and now heavy rain is causing a problem near boulder, colorado. the biggest wild fire near colorado springs is now 98% contained. the fire has caused more than $110 million in damage. >> the storms continue to roll through parts of our area. >> quite a scare tonight. >> a positive light in strikes -- a lot of people thought it was an earthquake in upper northwest d.c.. it is strongest -- some of the strong as lightning strikes. it lasted about five or 10 seconds. the skies outside right now are not so bad, mostly cloudy, giving us a bit of a cool them but not before we broke yet another record at brigham national airport. 102 degrees working our fourth day in a row at 100 degrees or better at reagan national. the average is 89 degrees and we actually had below average temperatures in the seven-day outlook. dallas, not qui
to the military future. states rights vs. civil rights as texas gets ready to argue its voter i.d. law is legal and the justice department is overstepping its bounds. all that and jack's snack packs. meet a little guy on a very big mission to give the troops a little taste of home. i'm shannon bream. "america's news headquarters" live from the nation's capital starts right now. >> shannon: syria is staging a big show of military might in what appears to be a warning to other countries. stay out of its conflict. syria's state-run news agency says the military is conducting exercises to help troops ready to turn back outside aggression. peter doocy joins us live with details. hello, peter. >> hi, shannon. it was four months ago that kofi anaan laid out the six point peace plan as part of his duty as the special u.n. envoy and the first part of that plan called for a cease-fire but that did not catch on and neither did the rest of the plan so now, anaan says so far, the peace process has failed telling a french newspaper that "significant efforts have been made to try to resolve this situation pea
among the most formative of his life. >> my first job after college was as a teacher in texas in a small mexican-american school. few of them could speak english, and i couldn't speak much spanish. my students were poor, and they often came to class without breakfast, hungry. and they knew even in their youth the pain of prejudice. they never seemed to know why people disliked hem. i ended up wishing there was more i could do. i saw it in their eyes. i often walked home late in the afternoon after the classes were finished wishing there was more that i could do. but all i knew was to teach them the little that i knew. hoping that it might help them against the hardships that lay ahead. and somehow you never forget what poverty and hatred can do when you see its scars on the hopeful face of a young child. i never thought then in 1928 that i would be standing here in 1965. it never even occurred to me in my fondest dreams that i might have the chance to help the sons and daughters of those students, and to help people like them all over this country. but now i do have that chance. and i wi
to increase birth control. and there are a lot of clinics. states like texas have done the opposite. and they essentially reflect what people now popularly call the red and blue states, right? but what people don't actually often register is that actually only the minority of planned parenthood's services have to do with either abortion, which is just a tiny percentage, or even contraception. because planned parenthood serves essentially poor people. and they provide -- they provide mammograms for breast cancer screening. they do cervical cancer screening. they provide health services for men. they do prostate cancer screening. they teach safe sex, going along with screening for venereal disease or aids and so on. that's why i say it's part of this idea that we don't want big government spending money on these kinds of things. when, in fact, what we spend for every poor person that becomes pregnant and has a baby is, of course, far greater than what we spend on prevention. >> we've spent a good deal of time talking about birth control mainly for women. you've talked about the access
and still in a drought and one of those is eastern parts of texas and you can get over four inches of rain here and good news for you and across kentucky and north carolina and much needed moisture over three inches of rain possible for you guys over the next several days as that system will slowly push southward and the temperatures much more pleasant in cleveland and significant in the 08's and indianapolis for you, as we head into tuesday, temperatures for minneapolis, chicago at 84. harris. >> harris: maria molina, thank you very much. and the governor of colorado listed a state wide fire ban saying that nature is giving colorado some relief no doubt referring to some of the rain that maria was talking about and forecast for cooler temperatures, but that rain causing major problems already in larimer county and the wildfires left hid sides vulnerable to emotions there and perfect conditions for flooding and mudslides. a private road near the hyde park fire is seeing the worst of it. nehbors coming together once again to pick up the pieces. >> the garage was about three feet deep with m
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against -- ab32 against an onslaught of texas oil companies. we defend when they tried to block your business. california gets 50% of the venture capital. there is a lot going on here. we want to promote that. innovation is difficult because by definition, is of the few, not the many. that is the culture we want to encourage both in our schools, by minimizing, not getting overly obsessed with testing, and reducing learning to bubble in a multiple choice response. it is not literature, science, innovation, or creativity. it is not innovation. we need rigor and imagination. you need both. you have the left hand and the right hand. we have to combine those things. in california, we create innovation by ab32, but the only state with the cap and trade program, we create it by cutting regulation. i had to fire two incumbent people in our division of conservation. there were blocking oil exploration. i fired them and the oil permits for drilling went up 18%. we have to work on many levels. we're promoting efficiency. we're promoting and renewable energy and climate change -- i take courage
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. appreciate it. >>> all right, now to that texas folk hero or a villain, the woman who was arrested for warning drivers about a speed trap ahead. >> reporter: good morning, police put natalie plummer behind bars because they say that she was a danger to drivers. she wasn't behind the wheel. she was riding her bike. natalie plummer is either a motorist's best friend or a menace to society. she was riding her bike along this road, and noticed that police were pulling over drivers in a e speed trap >> i was completely abiding by the law. i was warning other citizens of a situation ahead. >> reporter: police didn't agree and hauled her off to jail. she was charged with standing in the street obstructing traffic, a misdemeanor and spent 12 hours behind bars. if there's a video of me jumping in the road i would be more than happy to see that. >> reporter: she said that according to texas law the sign is legal. in fact, some states allowed drivers to flash their high beams to warn drivers that police are ahead. plummer's story has gone viral with thousands of americans showing her spot. >>
.m., northern virginia and kentucky are included in those areas. heavy rains in eastern texas, four inches of rainfall. parts of kentucky, as well. over virginia and north carolina in through tomorrow strong to severe storms and a lot of heavy rain. keep that in mind, you will need the umbrellas but you will get a bit of relief from hot temperatures. >> heather: thank you very much. >> gregg: now to indiana, they are urging residents to cut back on water usage. most are being asked to voluntarily reduce it by 5%. in harder hit areas, they are being asked to scale back 10% or more. the spokesman says the system is overburdened. >> there is a lot of water being used and lots of water going through our aging infrastructure that can create possible water main breaks. reservoir levels are also dropping. >> gregg: utility warning the supply levels continue to drop a mandatory ban will be issued. >> heather: new reaction from lawmakers in both parties as we see new signs of the fragile u.s. economy may be stalling. june's jobs numbers a huge disappointment. only 80,000 jobs were created. lacklust
. >>> two construction workers have been killed in a crane collapse on a college campus in texas. it happened yesterday afternoon in richardson texas at the university of texas at dallas as strong winds more than 40 miles an hour were passing through. students heard a loud crash and some of them say they thought it was thunder. >> we heard a loud just metal just hitting the ground, falling from the ground. i can't really explain the sound but, you know, the very loud sound. >> he said after that he heard the workers screaming. no university students or faculty were hurt but the crane was being used to build a large classroom building. >>> a new field poll shows that what kind of uphill climb senator dianne feinstein's opponent faces in the november senate race. feinstein leads 51% to 32% and when it comes to name recognition, 88% of people were able to give opinions of feinstein, only 35% were familiar with emkin, a republican businesswoman from danville. >>> san francisco's bicycle messengers may be pedaling their way onto the television screen. >> what's the best thing about be
in texas and it was so hot just like it is now, the ballpark was the coolest place in town. so we went to see the dodgers farm club team, the fort worth caps and went every night just to stay cool. and so that, you know, once you get the bug, you have got it. harold this is a great year for baseball. we have had some great surprises among the teams, and we have had some great young ball players. i mean, which are the lifeblood of this sport that we all hike. who do you like among these kids this year that we are just learning about? >> well, it really has been a great year i think the number two guy that stand out are mike trout from the angels and obviously bryce harper in your hometown in washington, these two have taken the season by storm, trout 20 years old, harper 19, and i always tell bryce harper when i see him you there justin bieber of baseball, we learned about him on the internet, home run derbies and he has lived up to the hype so that is just a crack in the surface of how many young players we have that have just been unbelievable, this all-star game we have got 30 player
antonio texas. >> estas personas eligieron el edificio del consulado de méxico para protestar por el resultado de las elecciones, repudio completo contra peña nieto. >> y si la protesta es solo de 6 personas ellos señalan que el sentimiento de impotencia es de miles. >> no queremos que regresé el pri fueron 60 años de corrupción. >> el ganador virtual de las elecciones es un ganador impuesto, no refleja. >> quién gano? >> la corrupción, peñanieto son todos, nada más ellos ganaron, más pobreza es un fraude. >> ellos viven en estados unidos y se idenfican con esto, decir que con el pri regresa la calma no es excusa. >> estos partidos corruptos compran la gente y explotan totalmente al pueblo. >> fue un informe de antonio guillene, más adelante la historia de una familia panista que es perseguida por el pri y pode asilo político. >> y un reo escapo en las afgueras de watsonville, william wasse tiene cabello café y ojos azules, viaja a méxico se especula. >> y luces de laser apuntadas a 2 aviones tratando de aterrizar, tales hechos son reportados de inmediato a la policía
in washington on a texas voter i.d. law that was struck down by the justice department in march. >>> strawberries, cream and a little bit of history at wimbledon today. we'll tell you who won the men's single tennis title. mine was earned off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>> in london, roger federer wins his record tying seventh wimbledon crown. but british tennis fans are kind of disappointed after he beat uk's andy murray by 3-1 sets. murray was hoping to become the first brit to win the wimbledon men's singles title since 1936. it's kind of bittersweet. i feel bad for federer because not enough people were cheering for him. amanda, very emotional. we heard from andy murray who had a very moving speech. i think he won a few new fa
its doors in 1836, in fact, the very week the alamo battle was going on in texas, and until we closed in 2004, it was that love/hate relationship. we're going to go down this way. at one time i think it was a commissary for the building but they also said the whipping post would be down here and there are dungeon cells down here, so that would kind of make sense, so we'll come down here and unlock this. when you come over here, you're going to see the dungeon cells, and remember when i said about conditions of confinement and lack of human rights standards, those types of things. under the auburn system, they could put you in the dungeon cells, and they wouldn't just put one person in the dungeon cell necessarily, they may put five, six, seven, eight, nine people in the dungeon cell with you, and the most infamous individual that did time in the dungeon cells was a man by the name of j.b. firebug johnson. johnson came here and got his reputation and his nickname, firebug, inside this prison because he started several insurrections in here. he burnt down one of the large factories. he
. five, jim bernatchy. nancy pelosi, 35 million, freel 10, kenny marchand, republican, texas, 16 million v. the 10 richest members of the house >>> question, what do these rich house numbers tell you? >> it's easier to run for office when you have that cushion of some wealth, although interestingly, a lot of self-funding really rich candidates fail, because they think because i'm rich, and i've succeeded at something else, i can jump into politics and be a success at that when actually having experience in politics help. and two, it really helps to have to go out and raise money, because that's another way you get -- >> do you think that you really must have a cushion, a financial cushion in your life, before you can make a political run, not to pay for campaign, but to pay for everything else? follow me? >> i've recommended, young people ask, and i say before you go into politics, get yourself a business or a calling or a vocation that you can fall back on when you lose. otherwise, if you get into politics -- >> what about regulating the use of money in political campaigns? >> i'm not f
: talk about padilla and teixeira, they were teammates with texas in '06 and '07. here comes a 1-2 pitch. strike three called. one on, one out. first out of the eighth inning. mortensen comes back after the walk with a strikeout. when padilla would hit guys while pitching for the rangers, those other teams would retaliate by hitting the rangers' best hitter named mark teixeira. at one point teixeira went up to padilla, said, hey, knock it off. unless you want to stand in there and get hit. >> tim: which doesn't happen in the american league because of the dh. >> joe: i'm getting drilled because you're hitting batters. he didn't. then they faced each other in '09. teixeira's first year with the yankees. padilla was pitching for the phillies. teixeira took padilla deep in the first two at-bats of the game, and then padilla drilled teixeira. >> tim: hitting three times in 17 at-bats. >> joe: last night padilla was on the mound and mark teixeira got him for a two-run triple in the seventh inning. big part of that 10-8 win for the yankees on friday night. here's a base hit to left off the bat
, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. >>> welcome back. christine he will forward, the director of the international monitor fund and former finance minister of france. i spoke to her about the imf report and a critical decision on a decision to directly inject capital into spain's bank. >> i think it was critical for two reasons. >>> i think it is critical for two reasons, the investments from the imf to the banks, as a result it does not impact on the sovereign debt level of that sovereign, which is what spain was so concerned about. that is number one, number two, it goes directly to the bank, i mean they're going to define how it is organized and whether they hold shares, or any other instruments that would be convertible into the capital banks, depending on the status of the banks. it will consolidate the banks and help them to lend appropriately to the real economy. and it is what the esm should be doing with its money. >> what else needs to be done in terms of creat
of the blazing texas sun. marathon runner and triathlete he has served the majority of his 27-military career in the army special forces including remarkably seven tours to iraq. >> joined army straight out of high school and what i wanted to do since i was 5 years old, give or take. as kids we play soldier but i just never grew out of it. i knew from the start. i started high school, got to get good grades. why? i'm going to the army. >> his battle at home is now his greatest. chris is one of the 20 u.s. military personnel here in texas for the ride organized by the george w. bush presidential center led by president bush himself. >> the w-100 is a hundred kilometer mountain bike ride to honor our vets who have been wounded in combat to thank their families and thank the groups who have helped them recover from serious injury. >> each of these warriors suffers from a devastating consequence at war. but chris, it's his leg. the ride is a chance to prove to the former commander in chief and to themselves what they can do. >> these are stories are courage, sacrifice and commitment. these are vo
was not a factor in this crash. guys? >> thanks, john. appreciate it. >>> all right, now to that texas folk hero or is she a villain? we're talking about the woman who was arrested for warning drivers about a speed trap ahead. people are rallying to her side. this is from my hometown of houston, john. >> reporter: good morning, police put natalie plummer behind bars because they say that she was a danger to drivers. but get this, she wasn't behind the wheel. she was riding her bike. she stopped to give drivers a chance to beat a ticket. natalie plummer is either a motorist's best friend or a menace to society. just depends who you ask. just two weeks ago, she was riding her bike along this road, and noticed that houston police were pulling cars over in a speed trap. so she made a sign alerting her fellow texans to avoid getting a ticket. >> i was completely abiding by the law. i was warning other citizens of a situation ahead. >> reporter: but the officer in charge didn't agree and hauled her off to jail. >> he specifically stated multiple times that he was taking me to jail because of that sign
guided by gps. but watch what happens when todd humphries and his team from the university of texas punch a few keystrokes into this computer. >> 2, 1, capture! >> reporter: the drone goes wildly off course, now receiving instructions, not from gps, but from a transmitter that sends false signals to the drone's navigation system, a so-called spoofer. the effect is so dramatic, a safety pilot with a radio control has to save the drone from crashing. >> spoofing a gps receiver on a uav is another way of hijacking a plane. >> reporter: if that sounds shocking, it's because it is. with this experiment, humphries has illuminated a gaping hole in the government's plan to open up u.s. air space to gps-guided drones. >> in five and 10 years, we've got 30,000 of those drones in habiting the national air space, each one of these could be a potential missile to be used against us. >> reporter: until now, gps-guided drones have been limited mostly to the battlefield in places like iraq, afghanistan and yemen, or patrolling our southern border. earlier this year, congress ordered the faa to come up wi
, california... austin, texas... we are all here to represent the country we love this is for everyone back home it's go time. across america, we're all committed to team usa. >>> with 23,000 american troops, one president is quietly paying tribute to america's wounded warriors, the classic story of keeping america great and an interview of the man who stayed out of the lime light. former president george w. bush. >> i held our military in awe when i was president. the stories they tell just increase the awe. >> at first glance, sergeant major chris was exactly who you expect on the race of the warrior 100. 60 miles ever mountain biking under the blazing texas sun. marathon runner and triathlete, he served the majority of the military career in the army special forces, including remarkably seven tours in iraq. >> joined the army straight out of high school. what i wanted to do since i was 5 years old, give or take. as kids we play soldier and i never grew out of it. i started high school and said we have to get good grades. >> his battle at home is notice his greatest. he is one of the 20 p
. wow. >>> and he's just 9 years old, but this texas boy is in the fight of his life as he battles cancer. now after a recent blood transfusion, colin boyd is using his experience to raise awareness for blood donations. boyd joined his friends for a blood drive at the home of the rangers in arlington. in all, 19 people donated. >>> it is being called the h himalayan viagra. thousands are traveling to search for it. we'll tell you what it is and why it's hard to find. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] with 50 horsepower, dual overhead cams and fierce acceleration, the gator xuv 825i will shatter your expectations. ♪ and so no one gets left behind, check out our affordable xuv 550s at ♪ i tell mike what i can spend. i do my best to make that work. we're driving safely. and sue saved money on brakes. now that's personal pricing. >>> welcome back, everyone. it is 16 minutes past the hour. and it is time to check stories that may have been off your radar. 40 though people are expected to migrate to nepal this year in search for the himalayan viagra. a rare caterpillar
for a fatal construction accident in texas. two workers were dismantling a construction crane on saturday when it suddenly collapsed. 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts were blowing through the richardson campus of the university of texas at dallas at the time. >>> major donor nations including the united states pledged today to give afghanistan $16 billion for civilian needs over the next four years. the financial support is to show there won't be a mass exodus from afghanistan when u.s. and nato troops begin withdrawing next year. but for the first time, the donors are insisting that the afghan government reduce widespread corruption to get all the money. >>> a chinese acrobat survived a fall after a tight rope today in central china. he was walking backwards 657 feet above the ground with his eyes covered when he slipped. the acrobat didn't take any safety precautions except for the pole he used to keep balanced. he fell about 130 feet, but didn't appear to be seriously injured. the acrobat says he fell slightly -- fell slightly faint after walking more than 50 minutes and he slipped because of the
across areas of east texas stretching across the mid-mississippi valley as well as in areas of virginia and north carolina. big areas of rain this week, a lot of people are extremely dry because of the high temperatures we've had and big relief at least for some rain as well as with these temperatures. take a look at your temperatures for tomorrow. so monday, headed back to work, you got 80's all the way down in across parts of the south but certainly 80's in and around the great lakes. great news, the heat has to go somewhere, though, so it moves out across areas of the west. 113 in phoenix and 97 across areas of montana. big pattern swap for us. welcomed relief, jamie, for rain and a real welcome relief for temperatures by the time we get to tomorrow. >> jamie: absolutely. thanks, rick. eric? >> eric: dry weather is leaving oklahoma in an official drought. the situation now is threatening the livelihood of farmers in the southeastern part of the state. many of them say they are struggling to keep their animals alive. >> it means that i have had to sell part of our capital assets to s
that anymore. maybe we could look to something like texas. it's also not just within the democratic party. you see when you look at the republican party, teddy roosevelt, charles evans hughes, all these figures coming out of new york politics. when you look at democratic party, you see roosevelt and smith. new york as a state has two machines really going, and it has a pretty significant national effect. >> two machines? >> the famous machine is the tammany machine, but the republicans had an incredibly powerful network as well. >> what is tammany hall? >> tammany hall is technically just the new york city democratic party. the manhattan democratic party. tammany hall from the mid 19th century was best known as the machine of machines in urban america. it was identified as primarily irish machine, a machine in new york that really depended on neighborhood power, word power and that was as much about sort of taking care of your neighborhood and coming up through the neighborhood as it was anything really about national politics. tammany, absolutely the most powerful force, certainly in new york
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